A spin-out of Bangor University’s internationally acclaimed C02 Lab, Suprex specialises in the development of applications of supercritical CO2.

The company carries out contract research and processing at laboratory, pilot plant and commercial scale at its new site in Caernarfon. It is supported by excellent analytical facilities to promote the development and implementation of green and sustainable chemistry into new products and processes, and has one of the most versatile small-scale CO2 process plants in the UK. These facilities and technologies are available to commercial companies and academic groups and we welcome collaborative research projects. The principal activities of the company are:

  • Extraction and fractionation of solid and liquid materials
  • Reactions in supercritical CO2 using biocatalysts
  • Production of ultraclean materials
  • Impregnation of solid materials


The CO2 processing is supported by a range of pre-treatment techniques for biomass and additional downstream processing such as molecular distillation. The company is continuously extending its range of processes and scale and the new premises have extensive expansion capacity.

Suprex Ltd works closely with its commercial and academic clients to ensure that project work or processing delivers the expected outcomes and costs are kept to a minimum. For more information or to discuss specific applications please contact Andy Beggin andy@suprex.uk

Suprex is a joint venture between Phytovation Ltd and Bangor University.

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